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Error Type Collection

This is my attempt to create a basic type set of error coins. I am convinced that the best way to understand these coins is studying verifiable examples. I have been collecting, off and on, for probably 50 years or so. I don't consider myself an expert in the field, but I have learned a few things along the way. The categorizations are strictly mine and I'm sure make the experts whence in pain. If you have an interest in this sort of thing I would strongly suggest you spend some time at the best site on the web for technical error information - The Error -Variety Ready Reference. This site could be useful for viewing examples of most known major types.

My preference in errors is one error per coin. This is not always possible, so I have classified each coin based on what I consider to be the main focus. Coins containing multiple errors can make for interesting discussion and research, but they are just not of great interest to me. There are a few discussion boards on the web and I strongly recommend Mike Diamond's Error Coin Information Exchange. You can learn a lot there.

Before They Were Coins - Blanks of all types
Clad & Coating Errors - Coating and layer problems on modern coinage
Die Caps - Coin adheres to die and hits subsequent planchets
Mated Pairs - Both parts of a two at once pair
Multiple Strikes - Hit more than once by the die
It's In The Planchet - Clips, Fragments etc.

Not All Square - Coins struck while improperly seated or die not aligned
The Die Did It - Errors actually in the die - Varieties
Two At Once - Struck with more than a single blank planchet in the chamber
Wild! - Extreme coins in the collect that don't fit elsewhere
Wrong Planchet - Struck on other denomination or country planchet
Wrong Stock - Right diameter, but thickness of another denomination

To access the picture (if we have that type) just click on the icon.

It's In The Planchet - Clips, Fragments, Other Planchet Deficiencies etc. <Back To Top>

Incomplete Clip

Straight Clip

Elliptical Clip

Curved Clip

Corner Clip

Tapered Planchet

Assay Clip

Improperly Annealed

Crescent Clip

Ragged Clip

Bow Tie Clip


Split Thin Planchet

Rolled Thin Planchet

Blow Hole

Multiple Strikes <Back To Top>

FlipOver In Collar

One On - One Off Double Strike

FlipOver Double Strike

Double Struck In Collar

Struck More Than 2 Times In Collar

More Than Double Strike

Saddle Strike

Two At Once - Brockages, Strike Thrus etc. <Back To Top>

Full Brockage

Partial Brockage Obverse

Partial Brockage Reverse

Struck Thru Foreign Matter

More Than 2 Coins Bonded Together

Full Indent By Smaller Blank Planchet


Partial Indent Obverse

Partial Indent Reverse



Struck Through Rag

Struck Through Retained Staple

Full Brockage - Smaller Planchet

Mated Pairs <Back To Top>

Brockage and Double Strike

Chain Strike Off Center

Chain Double Strike

Indented and Off Center

Wrong Planchet <Back To Top>

Double Denomination

U.S. On Struck Foreign

Foreign On U.S.


U.S. On Foreign Planchet

Wrong Denomination

Struck On Same Denomination Coin From Prior Year

Struck On Different Denomination Coin From Prior Year

Foreign On Struck U.S.

Wrong Stock <Back To Top>

Dime On Quarter Stock (clad)

Dime On Quarter Stock (silver)

Quarter On Dime Stock (clad)

Quarter On Dime Stock (silver) 

Quarter On Half Stock (clad)

Quarter On Half Stock (silver)

Half On Quarter Stock (silver)

Half On Quarter Stock (clad)

Foreign Composition

The Die Did It - Cuds, Cracks, Doubled Dies and Other Die Errors <Back To Top>

Major Cud

Retained Cud

Doubled Die

Clashed Die

Failing Die

Over date

Over Mint Mark

Multiple Mint Mark

Split Die

Die Caps <Back To Top>

Reverse Die Cap

Shallow Obverse Cap

Deep Obverse Cap

Not All Square - Off Center, Broadstrike, Edge Strike etc. <Back To Top>

Edge Strike

Off Center

Misaligned Die

Finned Rim



Ram Strike

Before They Were Coins - Blanks, Die Trials etc. <Back To Top>

Blank Planchets

Incomplete Blank

Die Trial

Clad & Coating Errors <Back To Top>

cu/zn Cent - No Copper Coating

cu/zn Cent - Partial Coating

Missing Clad Obverse

Missing Clad Reverse

Partial Clad Missing

Struck On Clad Layer

Struck On Copper Core

Misc - Stuff that doesn't fit another category <Back To Top>

Coin Shrapnel

Full Brockage Nickel

Off Center On Straight Clip

1918 Double Struck Cent

VERY Small Fragment

Struck On Unidentified Material

Struck On Aluminum Feeder Fingers

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