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What This Site Is About

There is a shortage of good sites devoted to United States mint errors. We intend to do something about that situation. The core of the site is a virtual collection of many of the various types of mint errors which the mint has produced. We are not attempting to show everything or every possible combination. Our primary goal is to expose these errors to a broad audience and in some fashion educate collectors so they can avoid the many man-made examples which are available on eBay and at their local dealer. In many cases, just looking at a verified example of an error can help avoid purchasing a bogus coin. For example once you have seen a true "thin cent" you will never again fall far a copper penny which has been soaked in nitric acid.

At some point we will probably begin selling errors, but that is not the primary goal nor is it a sure thing.

Collecting Mint Errors

No area of numismatics offers the broad range that you can find while collecting mint errors. It is one of the few specialties where collectible coins can still be found in your pocket.

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